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Apple products mainly smartphones is leading in the amount of sales and positive replies all around the world. Style, functionality and reliability guarantee iPhone’s reputation. However, it is important to notice that every new generation of these gadgets has its own shortcomings that can cause problems every now and then. iPhone Repair Repair of iPhones is a complicated process that cannot be trusted to the inexperienced workers of budget repair workshops. Therefore, the search of qualified technicians can take a lot of time and resources. In order to simplify this task you can cwt to Mobile-Restore Special Care Center. We will repair your Apple gadgets even after the worst malfunctions we are talking about you can look at the short list of problems of every iPhone family.

iphone repair

General issues

There are several general peculiarities common in all generations of Iphone that become the reasons of malfunctions.

The battery doesn’t lifelong requiring to charge the phone often, therefore, using up the lifetime the charger. At this point the owner of the iPhone might use a cheap fake for a charger because the original charger died. It is important to remember that the unstable electrical current or a cheap charger that doesn’t work right can lead to serious damage of the motherboard battery and other parts of your board. Mobile-Restore Center will not only help you repair your device , but has the ability to order the new parts for your phone. We always have the spare parts and accessories for every model of Apple «яблочных» devices directly from the manufacturer..

Smartphone’s Apples are large therefore the device and the screen get damaged that much more. Even using various metal alloys and super durable screen colors could not prevent this issue. It is important to remember that once the screen is cracked or damaged it will lead to the internal structure damage and oxidization of the hermeticwty sealed device.
Every office of Apple Restore allows the exchange of the screen sensor or the repair of the screen iPhone and it will not take more than 15 minutes, so don’t put off fixing your iPhone our offices are easy to find near many stations of Moscow subway and in most cities of Moscow region.

The external mechanical elements of the interface and plagues wear out quickly due to heavy usage. Such things are usually not a reason to go to a service center however if the broken hardware can annoy you the Lightning or Home button that no longer works can bring discomfort or fully paralyze your device. More often than not such a nuisance can take place in the most inopportune time when it is hard to break the way from a broking process or live an ongoing lecture. for these cases you can cwt our technician to come to your location. We will repair iPhone 7 plus or any other model within an hour right in front of you saving your time and money cwt us and tell what exactly is the problem, we are going to need:


  • your address or the subway station you are at, or any other public place;
  • the time you need us to be there;
  • the detailed description of your problem solved our technician can bring the appropriate spare parts and tools.

iPhone 5

Different from previous models version 5 features all external elements like button sensor and camera as a part of the screen. This novelty has reduced the price of the device but it changed the principal of the broken screen replacement. Now, in order to repair iPhone 5, the technician has to take into account the presence of additional device holders which are very easy to damage in the process of repairing the screen if you don’t know what you’re doing.
In order to avoid such damages Apple Restore technicians study and pass tests to raise their qualification. We also provide a guarantee of both of our services and our spare parts.

iPhone 6

The owner of such devices usually complains about or inconvenient shape and the large size of the device. But the worst problem is in a new method of connecting the external elements situated on the screen part of the device. It leads to static on the screen that requires repair iPhone 6. In addition to that the operating system might not be able to perform correctly and it is not possible to remove that by rebooting the system. Apple Restore has all the contemporary equipment and all the necessary tools in order to fix this and other problems.

iPhone 7

Contrary too many customers’ expectations Apple’s iPhone 7 has its own shortcoming. In order to make the new smartphones more waterproof and protected the developers had to remove the mechanical Home button and audio plug which led to the errors in the work of the touch sensor and the increased pressure on the Lightning-connector. If you come to the Mobile-Restore you will be able to repair iPhone 7, and take advantage of bonuses, promotions and discounts for our regular customers. We also provide the opportunity to use your own broken device as a source for spare parts. You can learn more about our company on our website.